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Is shaving good or dangerous for you? The answer is right here

In a recent survey it is said that 84 percent of women shaved or trimmed pubic hair. Is there, however, any benefit to your health or Is it possible that it could be dangerous?

In a survey of 3,316 women in the United States, 59 percent claimed they did it for "hygiene reasons," according to a study published this week in JAMA Dermatology. Overall, 84 percent indicated they had groomed their pubic hair at least once, and 62 percent stated they had removed all of their pubic hair. Hair obliteration was most common in people aged 18 to 24. Moreover, a quarter claimed it was for their relationships. Another factor was that I was feeling hotter.

"Many women believe they are disgusting and unclean if they haven't been groomed," Dr. Tami S Rowen, the paper's principal author, said. She and her co-authors claim that grooming and cosmetic surgery are linked. Men shave their pubic hair at a lower rate than women, according to previous research.

Grooming styles have always existed, as evidenced by ancient Greek urns depicting hairless women. Ladies purportedly plucked their pubic hair or burned it off with lamps in ancient times.The present hairless trend can be attributed in part to Playboy, which, according to research from George Washington University, went from having pubic hair visible on most of its models until the 1980s to virtually completely removing it this century (on less than 10% of models).

It's all about you when it comes to your pubis. Pubic hair, on the other hand, was designed to keep your genitalia free of friction and infection. Not shaving it is more sanitary. Most women will experience cuts or ingrown hairs when cutting their pubic hair, and others will get hair follicle irritation or hyperpigmentation. There is a chance of skin infections and an increased risk of contracting herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases if they are particularly unfortunate or if they are bad with a razor.

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