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New Information About Vaccines Causes a Stir, This Has Never Been Seen Before

Date: 16/10/21



Using Vaccines to fight the coronavirus pandemic is something that started fully this year. For the first year of the pandemic, there were no Vaccines in the world. The only way to protect yourself from the coronavirus was to wear a mask and sanitize your hands.

Ever since Vaccines came into play, it has become even easier to live with the pandemic. They were however strict rules pertaining to how Vaccines will be administered to people and these rules had not changed until now.


It has recently been reported that people who have been vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine have a higher chance of being protected if they are to get a different brand of vaccine as a booster. This means a person now needs to mix two vaccines in their body to increase the chances of him being protected at a higher percentage.

It is said that the Pfizer or Merdina vaccine is the one that people need to take after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to increase protection in their bodies. This is something that was unheard of when vaccination started people had to choose whether they take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine.

It was never a thing of taking two of them all at once. It is said that this gives a person more protection than it would if they were to take a second booster shot of the same Johnson and Johnson Vaccine.


What this whole thing sort of suggests is that new information will always present itself when it comes to the pandemic and the vaccines. People who choose to get vaccinated need to be very much aware that new information is going to come and they might need to get more vaccines later on.

This rising of new information has made people more sceptical to take the vaccines as they don't know what information will come out next. They personally want to wait it out until a time where they feel like there has been enough information released to the public for them to decide against vaccinating.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that they are still unknown factors that have to do with The Vaccines that have not been discovered as of yet?

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