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"Scary" Fears Grips Millions As COVID Expert Reveals New Deadly Covid-19 Variant Has Been Discovered

"Scary" Fears Grips Millions As COVID Expert Reveals New Deadly Covid-19 Variant Has Been Discovered.

About 5 weeks ago, the Instagram page of RAP, an official music and news page, A new strand of the Covid-19 virus was discovered in South Africa, that variant was names by the World Health Organisation as "OMICRON".

However with the fact that we've heard the boosters will leave us protected ever since the acceptance of Omicron, we thought it was all over but that was only the beginning. The World and South Africans have been hit with a shocking news. It is the official announcement of new Covid-19 variants.

According to information shared by Doctor Eli David, the one time Forbes recognised Scientist, researcher and founder of Deep instinct, shared the reports made public by news online UK website, new infectious and deadly new variants of the virus has been discovered in Southern France.

The said new variant which is suspected to have originated from Cameroon, Central Africa, has been also revealed to have about 46 mutations. This is since the 12 patients in the region of South France who have so far tested positive for the strain, just got back from Cameroon. They've showed an 'atypical combination' And as expected, there would be strong restrictions to and from the Central parts of Africa.

Fear has gripped millions and the Covid-19 expert, Dr Eli David reveals the new Covid-19 variant's discovery And as usual when it comes to the Covid-19 virus and it's vaccine, there are supporters and those who are against it.

Many ridiculed the report whilst others seem rather very concerned about the issue and mutations of new variants. Some say the elites know the virus isn't something to be worried about it anymore as it seems they're inventing all these narrative.

Here are a few reactions below;

"With the number of new variants we are sure to experience in the future, should we not switch to a different alphabet preferably one with with the most letters? Maybe something like Khmer for example...? After all the Greek alphabet only has 24 letters."

"They're completely desperate now, the narrative is falling apart nobody is having the jabs or stopping living our lives in normal countries and states."

"And how many more times contagious is this compared to the previous one?"

"we are also ready for this new variant Clown face, NO! Ready to compulsory vaccination."

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