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Omicron Covid-19| These are predictions South African government made which causes much concern

Many doctors feel the worst of the Omicron COVID-19 outbreak has passed. It's too early to estimate when the fifth wave will hit, according to the Health Department. Dr Jo Barnes, an epidemiologist at Stellenbosch University, is concerned about the government's COVID-19 projections.

We've seen two statements on the internet in the last few weeks, primarily from the government and scientists backed by the government, claiming that variations will become milder over time and COVID will become widespread. "Those are seismic twins," she explained.

That makes me a little nervous. There are a few flaws with that logic. The first is that Omicron did not descend directly from Delta, and Delta did not descend directly from Beta.

It is referred to as a deviant rather than a variant. So we can't say whether something unexpected will appear in six months... I'm worried about instilling hope too soon and it fizzling out." The second question is whether it will become endemic.

It is endemic, which implies it will always be present at a consistent level. That's also something we can't say. The politicians appear to believe that because it is endemic, it will develop into something that will let us return to "business as usual" and that we can live with it "Barnes stated his opinion.

If it does not materialize, I am concerned that we will cause a large number of people to become even more dissatisfied and lose faith in authorities, and therefore lose the struggle against it.

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