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Fellow South Africans The President Has Spoken, See Which Level We've Been Moved To And The Changes

Due to this pandemic that we experienced from March 2020 a lot of things changed and we were placed on a worldwide lock down, we started from level 6 and the levels were easing as the virus was showing a decline. The president realized that it is quite irrelevant to place the country on lockdown without an action plan, people lost their jobs during the hard lock down and the government met them halfway by giving out funds. The strategy helped a lot because it decreased the strain on many households.

A few months back the vaccines were pushed so hard and a lot of people got vaccinated, people are still vaccinating as it is and the infection rate is decreasing. It is quite clear that people are following the covid regulations and doing as they are told, hopefully by the festive it will still be the same. We have been moved to Level 1 due to a decline in infections and many restrictions have been eased, this will take effect from 1 October. Watch the video below to see what the president said.

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