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Step by step instructions to make a Master Tonic: Natural Flu Antiviral

The Master Tonic is an outright need have answer for flu season or while journeying abroad. It is capably against viral, unfriendly to parasitic, antagonistic to bacterial, and against infectious. It requires no refrigeration and suffers interminably with no excellent storing conditions.

This post nuances how to make the Master Tonic and why it is so especially convincing as a hand crafted, totally typical adversary of viral, against bacterial, unfriendly to infectious and against parasitic fix.

Note that the Master Tonic isn't to be confused with the Master Cleanse.

I put a gigantic cutting board on my (cool!) burner and turn on the fan over the scope on high. This licenses me to slice everything without trouble.

Restricting Time Spent

I've actually saw that sacks of normal, stripped, whole garlic cloves are available at some prosperity food stores. Using these rather than stripping the garlic yourself will easily partition the time expected to make this ordinary tonic. It will in like manner hold your hands back from having a fragrance like garlic for 2 days!

Nightshade Allergy?

If you have an allergy to nightshade vegetables, substitute ground turmeric pull for the cayenne pepper or quit fooling around with the onion or garlic.

Video Tutorial

The video included with the equation under nuances ostensibly how to make the master tonic and why it is so useful. It is sometimes more direct to learn with pictures than words. This informative exercise is especially valuable while you are in the kitchen making it curiously. Just track!


The portion for the Master Tonic is 1 or 2 ounces, double each day. Wash and swallow.

Do whatever it takes not to debilitate with water expecting that you can avoid it. Mix in with food expecting you want to, yet best to take it unique limit in isolation.

If it makes you gag since it is strong tasting, make a pass at stimulating this acupressure feature momentarily end the gag reflex.

For typical sicknesses, a piece required 5-6 times every day will oversee most conditions.

It will in general be used during pregnancies and is okay for adolescents (use more unassuming parts or mix in with some honey for youngsters over age 1). Not proposed for adolescents more energetic than age 1 with the exception of if under the insight of a specialist.

It is an authoritative food-as-drug. This regular tonic is absolutely non-noxious.

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Pro Tonic Recipe

The Master Tonic is a flat out need have answer for flu season or while traveling abroad. It is firmly against viral, antagonistic to parasitic, against bacterial, and unfriendly to infectious. It requires no refrigeration and continues going perpetually with no exceptional amassing conditions.

 Course Drinks

 Keyword home fix, tonic

 Prep Time 45 minutes

 Outright Time 45 minutes

 Calories 15 kcal

 Author Sarah Pope MGA


1 cup fresh cut garlic preferably normal

1 cup fresh cut onion preferably normal

1 cup fresh ground ginger root preferably normal

1 cup fresh ground horseradish root preferably normal

1 cup fresh cut cayenne peppers or any hot peppers once in a while available preferably normal

1 quart raw squeezed apple vinegar

1 half gallon bricklayer holder


Fill a half gallon glass bricklayer holder 3/4 of the way full with identical parts by volume of the above new hacked and ground flavors (1 cup each capacities commendably). Wear gloves while hacking the hot peppers.

Fill compartment to the top with rough ACV. Close the top immovably and shake.

Shake in some action once each day for quite a while, and a short time later channel the Master Tonic blend through an ideal piece of material, holder and name.

Guarantee that when you make this tonic that you shake it each time you walk around it, something like one time every day. Review that all of the flavors and vegetables for the Master Tonic should be new and normally created if possible. Use dried flavors simply in an emergency.

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes

Use simply new and in a perfect world normally created flavors in the event that possible as this will make the most solid and convincing Master Tonic. Substitute dried mass herbs only in an emergency accepting new is blocked off.

Accepting one of the trimmings isn't available (new horseradish is irksome during explicit seasons), then, substitute one more hot pepper for instance, habanero.

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Master Tonic Natural Flu Antiviral


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