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Check what the former minister says concerning covid 19 and Governmental officials

Tito Mboweni opens up about feeling helpless against Covid-19: 'It is real, get vaccinated' Mboweni says the vaccine is the only weapon we have in our country to truimph the virus for now.

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni says he feels helpless against Covid-19.

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni is urging South Africans to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and adhere to non-pharmaceutical measures to avert the spread of the virus. He reminds people that even after receiving vaccine one can get re- reinfected. While safety precoustions are not taken in to consideration.

None facts

Many people still believes that by using pharmaceutical medicines they can beat COVID-19, and they mistakenly replace vaccine with the medication, and this has been caused by the false news that is spreading on social media that the Vaccine is associated with 666 myths. and that pharmaceutical medication can get rid of the virus. That notion causes people to be hesitant to go get the vaccineted.

Speaking to TimesLIVE on Thursday, Mboweni shared that in his personal capacity, he feels helpless against the virus. “So many people I know have experienced the virus and some have died. Close to home, in our family, we have had three deaths from Covid-19 and two of my very close family members are now are struggling with it. It's not a faraway thing, it's close to home. It's real. It's not theoretical,”

People must get vaccinated as quickly as they can, but more importantly, vaccination does not mean that we must stop the non-pharmaceutical interventions. Therefore it is important to keep up with the basic non-pharmaceutical interventions, social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands and sanitising,” he said


It is sad to see more and more leaders, MECs of our nation passing away every day because of the desease associated with covid19. If all people can get the vaccine, the virus could be controlled and we would end up having a zero infection ormer minister said it was worrying that people, including government officials, were letting their guard down by hosting and attending public gatherings.

“People are now beginning to have parties where they don't wear masks. We have seen a situation where even some leading politicians, MECs go to parties in closed environments where there is very little ventilation. "

For aslong as we still have people who are not vaccinated and are prone to the virus, it is guaranteed that, there will be more re- infection even to those that got vaccinated. Which takes the whole process back.


The great news is that S.A has excced 12.million vaccination Mark. Which is a positive outcome. It shows the hard work and dedication on the fight against the visus.

“It's a great stride and we should commend the government, having worked with the citizens to reach that milestone. We have a long way to go until we reach Massive immunity,” he said.

Mboweni got his two doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the CN Phathudi and Giyani Hospitals in Limpopo. He indicated that on his visits to the healthCentres more women are lineup to get the jab than men.

“I don't know why the men are not going in large numbers, but the women were there in large numbers and I was impressed by the response I saw, and the dedication of the medical staff,” he said.


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