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Benefits of drinking Guava leaves you did not know about, ladies this is for you (Opinion piece)


In every plant that has no poison inside of it, any person suffering from a certain illness can drink. African herbs are known to help with different complications. Growing up grannies would give us aloe vera to cleanse the stomach. While people living in areas were Guavas are found would drink the leaf to keep their health in check.

Well there is a lot one can do with Guava leaves, as for cleansing the womb ladies need to understand that cleansing drinking this should be part of their routine. Failing to do so one could be having complications in a later stage, all because they did not learn what it means to cleanse their system.

What is more pleasing is that Guava leaves does not cause any side effects after drinking. One feels no pain and it is suitable to all people for consumption. Some people drink this to stop diarrhea which shows that it is good to cure illnesses.

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African Guava Guavas


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