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Opinion|| Fear of losing jobs and more lockdowns has motivated people to get vaccinated not Omicron.

South African Scientists made a bold move by announcing and alerting the World of the new Omicron variant. European countries and some in Africa and America reacted by imposing travel bans on South Africa and putting it on the travel red list ban. Which has had negative impact on the tourism sector. It has been brought to the world’s attention that Omicron was already spreading in Europe before South Africa announced it.

When the new Omicron virus was announced, The South African government was already far behind their goal to have atleast 70% of the population vaccinated. Soon thereafter the President of the country Cyril Ramaphosa called an urgent meeting for the Covid-19 command council.

On Sunday the president then addressed the Nation. Im his address he made sure the world and the country knew that he was pushing for mandatory vaccines. He also told the county that to survive and avoid another lockdown people should really go and get vaccines.

Since the President’s speech, vaccination numbers as released by the Department of Health increased, the number of people getting vaccinated increased as compared to the previous weeks before the Omicron variant was announced.

This increase in numbers prompted scientists and doctors to believe that the increase in vaccination number was because of the fear of Omicron. I will label this a blue a lie. For many reasons I believe the increase in vaccine numbers may not be due to fear of Omicron but fear of forced vaccines, curfew and restrictions that might befall the unvaccinated in the near future.

The President in his speech also alerted companies and company leaders that some companies have already implemented the ‘No Jab - No Job’ rule and somehow hinted it to them that they wont be repercussions should they decide to implement this rule.

As the covid numbers grew this week , with over 16000 cases reported on Thursday . Most companies for the fear of losing revenue and reporting losses again due to covid , they opted to implement no jab no job rule which pushed many to go and vaccinate as they feared for their jobs. Companies like Standard bank and Old Mutual are good examples of these.

All variants came and left , so people are not afraid of Omicron they are afraid for their livelihoods.


Content created and supplied by: Mkhondlo (via Opera News )

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