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See the secret of praying to attract favors in your life with salt and honey.

See the secret of praying to attract favors in your life with salt and honey.

Honey is good both medicinal and spiritual as well as salt, honey are antioxidants medically and salt are rich in Iodine which you need for good health and your well-being.

Apart from the medicinal benefits of this two materials (salt and honey) they can also be use spiritually to attract blessing, especially when you're about to start your day.

This honey and salt have been use over decades in naming ceremony, engagement ceremony in Africa just because of it potential to attract blessing and favors into the life of an individual.

Honey and salt have the same potential spiritual and one can be use if the other is not available. Its also a good thing if your lick either of this two materials in your dream, its a good sign.

This is what you need to do, to attract favor with this material. 

Wake up without talking to anyone, even before the day breaks, as early as possible. Do it with one heart and have faith, because it means not working without faith. 

Put on your left hand any of this material and say your wish in the name of your God (Christian or Muslim) to ask for anything you want that day. 

After that, say this: as honey attracts ants, let my life today attract favor and blessings in all my ways. 

Let my life be sweet, as sweet as honey, and let every eye that sees me favour me. Then pour some in the middle of the road or outside your house after your prayers on it, and lick the remainder.

It really works and it works for many individuals , especially when they are in trouble and they pray for favor with it, they always have favor. Try it before you speak to anybody, and that day you will see favor.

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