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The President Made a Serious Mistake last night. Which may Bring us to 10000 cases a day. Opinion.

Yesterday, after a long time, the president addressed the nation. However instead of some huge announcement or locking down the Country, like most people expected. He instead gave us a firm warning about the Dangers of the new Covid 19 Variant and encouraged us to get vaccinated. I believe that this was a grave mistake. This is why.

The cases are starting to rise again, and more people are being infected. So it would make sense that we expected action from our president. Instead all we got was a warning. Apart from addressing us, he made no physical changes to our lifestyle to try and protect us from the virus. He instead left it to us, which is why I believe that the cases are not going to stop rising and is going to get much worse.

I believe that in the past few months we have learnt that many people in South Africa are largely vaccine hesitant. Meaning that they either believe the vaccine is dangerous or that it is a part of some conspiracy theory. I think it's going to take more than a rousing speech to convince these people to take the vaccine.

I think that this was the presidents grave mistake, he had the opportunity to Maje real change and stop the virus before it even started, however he just chose to warn people. I believe that when he does choose to take action, which may be soon, the cases will have already risen some more. Some experts are expecting the cases to rise to up to ten thousand per a day.

So it's up to you to protect yourself and take serious precautions. Act as if you are in high level of Lockdown, in order to prevent yourself being infected. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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