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Still Drinking Hot Tea In A Plastic Cup Or Flask? Please Read This

Plastics have always been regarded as the most suitable solution for keeping liquids due to their long-lasting texture and durability. It is now considered a toxin to the body, especially when consumed with hot drinks or when consumed with hot foods. 

As a result, some diseases that were once uncommon to suffer from are now more frequent than they were previously. Have you ever pondered why this is so? 

Several damaging activities we do to our bodies without realizing it, such as drinking hot liquids like tea or coffee from a plastic cup or eating hot food off of plastic plates, have contributed to this. 

This causes several ailments like:

1) Cancer

2) Thyroid Problems

3) Infertility problems etc

For those who enjoy drinking hot liquids such as tea, soup, and coffee while dining on a plastic plate, it is recommended that you stop immediately because these plastics contain hazardous substances that endanger our lives.

How does it affect your health if you drink hot tea or coffee from a plastic cup or flask? 

The chemicals (Additives) used in the production of plastics melt and leach into the tea or coffee, which, if consumed, can cause major health concerns such as cancer, thyroid abnormalities, infertility problems, and other reproductive issues. 

Tehran University of Medical Sciences researchers in Iran recently conducted a study to determine whether drinking hot tea from a plastic cup is associated with an increased risk of developing esophageal cancer. They went on to examine 50,000 people who were drinking hot tea from disposable plastic cups and discovered that 317 out of the 50,000 people had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Drinking or eating hot foods or liquids is associated with cancer and other health problems, so it is recommended that you avoid doing so. 

Finally, learn to protect your health by avoiding drinking or eating hot liquids or foods from a plastic cup or plate, as this is detrimental to the body's function and health. 

Preferably, breakables should be used. 

Keep in mind that your health is your wealth. 

Today, make sure you're in good health.

Content created and supplied by: Gistlord. (via Opera News )


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