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Government failing to adhere to their promises for people affected with J&J Vaccine


If you have taken J&J Vaccine, quickly do this .

Based on information provided by the manufacturer, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or Ad26.COV2.S, has shown to be 66.9% effective in an ongoing, large-scale clinical trial.A widely used COVID-19 vaccine that's at least 50% effective were said to help control the pandemic. Unfortunately it has been revealed that due to its effectiveness and how it was not harmful to anyone, the department of Social development had promised to look after people who took the jab and later experienced the side effects that acted their health . 

It has been reported that the Party leader, Kenneth Meshoe has lambasted the National Health Department for not releasing a fund that the party said was promised by government for those who have been negatively affected by is not only the Johnson&Johnson vaccine that have affected many South Africans but also AstraZeneca vaccine which had turned peoples lives upside down.  There has also been so much of an encouragement from the government as well as banks where they will say they will give you this percentage off when you produce your vaccine certificate .

Those who took vaccine didn’t show any kind of sickness when they took the jab but immediately they got to their homes from vaccinating , they started feeling changes in their bodies as well as other people dying from the vaccine. Government is still urging everyone to get vaccinated. It is not yet known how the individuals can apply for this funds , where are the offices or if they can apply for the relief funds online . Everything is just blank .

people are advised to take the jab at their own risk until there is further clear evidence of the vaccine not harmful to the people. Kindly share and make a comment below . Let us know or debate on if you think the government will actually pay affected patients due to the side effects of the vaccine.

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