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Can you still wear a mask after being vaccinated for covid-19?

Just few days back it was a year since the covid19 hit South Africa and lots of people's lives were lost, that include high profile politicians and celebs however covid19 vaccine was launch so everyone could be vaccinate.

The question people are asking themselves is after getting this vaccine are you still gonna wear a mask or not? Scientist revealed that after you vaccinated people were urged to wear a mask because Experts they dont know yet if the vaccine is prevention or protecting people from this virus, it will takes months to find out.

It was reported that vaccine will only prevent worse scenarios like hospitals and death in the meantime the Experts encourage people to continue wearing mask and adhere to covid19 regulations.

You could be vaccinated but still in danger to other people if you don't adhere to covid19 rules and some will not be lucky as you to be vaccinated.

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