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The concept of "Ukuthwasa" or initiation (Spiritual opinion)

Thokozani Ndlondlo

Thokozani boGogo naboMkhulu

Thokozani bantwana bamathonga.

'Ukuthwasa' and healing/ukwelapha have been misconstrued and misunderstood for many years not only from the western researchers but also from the people of Africa.

The reason being that it idlozi has never been something taken as a special gift by those who happen to be the chosen ones. Ukuthwasa and to be possessed by idlozi has been taken as something evil by it's own people and even those who happen to be gifted have tried in many ways to escape from it by denying it.

Ukuthwasa is not something new, it has been there even during the times of our forefathers, the only difference now being that in the olden days or primitive times, it was more respected and was also properly done than it is happening today.

Ukuthwasa is an acceptance of idlozi which once lived before and because now that specific dlozi wants to come back as a 'spirit' , and continue performing it's duties, it gets into somebody with the body in the real world and start wanting to work through that body.

People should respect idlozi and respect other people's beliefs.






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