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Meet Ben Carson, The Medical Doctor Who Is Known Worldwide For Separating Conjoined Twins

Benjamin Carson is a neurosurgeon who is credited with being the first person to successfully separate conjoint twins, who are identical twins that are united in the head. At the age of 33, he was appointed as the manager of the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Ben is a nickname that Benjamin has earned.

Dr. Benjamin Carson, a former neurosurgeon, performed one of the first successful surgical separations of conjoined twins in the history of the field. This condition is referred to as "Occipital Craniopagus Twins" in medical terminology.

The efficacy of his therapy and the treatments he performed led to Carson being praised as a "Pediatric Neurosurgeon" all throughout the world. South African and Zambian surgeons collaborated on a technique to separate two conjoined twins at the top of their heads that was successfully completed in 2012.

Carson is credited with achieving the first successful separation of hydrocephalic twins known to have been performed. A treatment called as "Hemispherectomy" was developed, in which half of the brain is removed in order to avoid seizures in individuals suffering from severe epilepsy. Because of this, his procedures for hemispherectomy and craniofacial reconstructive surgery have been adopted by a large number of neurosurgical and plastic surgery practices.


Because of his contributions to the field of medical science, he has received several honors, including a seat in the United States Congress. In addition, his book, "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story," has been made available.

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