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'See Heart-Touching Pictures Of Babies Born Without Hands And Legs

Education, wealth, work, and pleasure take up most of our time and attention; we fail to notice or appreciate the simple pleasures in life. My heart melts whenever I see pictures of newborns who are born with abnormalities, because it could have happened to anyone of us.

Tetra-amelia is a rare disease that results in a neonate being born without any arms or legs. In addition to the patient's face and heart, the disease also affects the patient's skeleton and genitals. It also stunts the growth of the lungs, making it difficult for the victim to breathe without the assistance of a breathing machine.

This is a life-threatening illness, and many babies who are born with it die in their mother's womb or shortly after delivery. Genetic mutations in the DNA produce this disorder, which is highly rare and may play a vital role in the development of the newborn before birth. People who suffer with it typically need lifelong assistance, such as a wheelchair. It's been difficult to determine whether or not this ailment is genetic due to its rarity, and it's also been tough to pinpoint the key factors that lead to its development. These babies were born to sad families all over the world and I think it's important to bring out that they are still extremely attractive.

View these photographs of children born without arms or legs to see what I mean:

Thank you to everyone who prayed and left encouraging messages in the comment section for these helpless newborns.

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