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Fiction: Recent Pictures of the woman who spent a weekend in a mortuary fridge.

This is a very scary story because this situation actually happened not once but twice, where a 29 year old woman was left in tears after she heard that her mother had died at the hospital. The first time she heard about the news, her mother was already sent at the mortuary and the second time she was on an operating table at the hospital.

A 61-year-old woman was admitted at the hospital for her heart problems but she was lucky enough as she managed to die while she was at the hospital. Her daughter heard about the news while she was at home around 17:40 when she called the hospital, to check up on her mother. Her world was left shattered as she didn't know that her mothers condition was so very serious.

To 29-year-old Anastasia this was a very heartbreaking moment as her father and older brother were already long gone before her mother. So Anastasia let her hole family know that her mothers sister about the tragic news. After she was done she decided to go to the hospital know more details as she wasn't over the fact, that her mother has passed away.

However she was told that her mothers body was taken to the morgue, as the hospital told her to contact the morgue for more information. The day went from bad to worse as the morgue told her that it was too late to shed her mother, since it's Friday and her mothers body will be available on Monday. So Anastasia did what any grieving granddaughter would do, which is to make funeral arrangements and make her mothers funeral date be on Monday.

So on Monday morning Anastasia got a call from the undertaker who told her that he was down with the burial site. The first thing that Anastasia did when going to get her mothers body was to go to a pharmacy, and get some medicine to calm her down. The same medicine that she almost drank completely. By the time she got to the morgue she was met with a huge line of people coming to see her mothe and pay thier respects.

When she got to the door, the woman working at the morgue delayed her and told her to wait a bit longer. This actually took about 29 minutes. Finally the woman came back, however she actually came and told Anastasia that the autopsy reports were not conducted and she should get a doctor, for the relevant documents so she can take her mother without the reports.

She managed to track the doctor down and told him the hole story, however the doctor couldn't find any documents about her mother. It was at this point that another woman asked her if she was Lyudmila Steblitskaya's daughter. Anastasia confirmed and the woman had a shocking and than told Anastasia that her mother was alive and she saw her just minutes ago. 

Obviously at this point anybody would be feeling very crazy and insane as she was going to she her mother. She than asked the woman how it was possible since her mother died on Friday and she's been ther the hole weekend. She furyher exolains that the funeral is in a couple of minutes as peoole are ready and waiting.

The woman told her that all they need is for her to identify her mother so they can confirm everything. They than arrived in a room with her mother on the bad and she was clearly moving. Anastasia couldn't believe her eyes than her mother called her name and smiled at her.

Everything was later postponed and it was time for her mother to get discharged. This actually made things very wierd and happy for Anastasia. Now her mother is currently happy and healthy and here are all her recent photos.

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