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VELENCIA: In South Africa people are having a serious alcohol problem. Check the comments about it

Valencia is concerned about how people are consuming alcoholic beverages in South Africa. It is very scary because a lot of people are going out during the weekends and she is wondering about the future of the country. When it comes time for the weekend, they are eager to begin drinking for the entire weekend and spend a lot of money on alcoholic beverages.


If they could have a different routine in their lifestyle, it would be better to meet about something that is going to help the country in the future. Where there are alcoholic beverages, there is a problem and some people end up in horrible situations. Some of them have spent their savings and are losing their future endeavors of having a chance to have a better standard.

Having a better standard is not about having to drive a luxury vehicle that most people on the streets are showing off. Look at people who have made great achievements after quitting alcoholic beverages. Lekau Sehoana, who is the owner of Drip footwear, is having a better lifestyle and he is having to fly in the business class section.


Having a great lifestyle does not come from spending a lot of money on alcoholic beverages. Some people can't leave without alcoholic beverages and that is very bad considering the impact they will have. Some of them are professionals or they are great at doing something, but they are drinking it away with alcoholic beverages. You can drink, but then it should not be too much and you should know when to stop.

Some of them have chosen that kind of a lifestyle, and changing it will not be easier. It would make them lose interest in having to enjoy a lifestyle without alcoholic beverages. If you want to have something to enjoy without alcoholic beverages, get someone who has been drinking before and look for something that will help you have a different lifestyle than with alcohol only.

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