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Students Need Counselling In Swaziland | OPINION

His Majesty's Ministry of Health needs to be roped in to intervene on an issue we as publication find highly pertinent. Students have not only had to deal with the COVID pandemic. The political unrest also has a negative impact on the mental health of students in the kingdom. Imagine going to school and being guarded by soldiers and the police. Imagine being a pupil and your classmate is taken away by the police for taking part in anti-monarchy protests.

Mind Over Matters

Minister Lizzy Nkosi needs to enlist the assistance of therapists and psychologists. These professionals will have to be deployed in Swaziland's various schools to try and help the kids deal with the trauma of everything that's going on. It would be a tragedy to have kids with PTSD writing exams. Writing exams is stressful enough, writing exams with flashbacks of violence in your head is even harder.

The Ministry of Health has been swift in dealing with the coronavirus, but the issue of mental health is just as important. The government needs to invest its resources in making sure that the nation's human capital is operating optimally, and that calls for the prioritization of mental health. This generation is dealing with a lot more than the previous generation did. Expectations are higher now, everything is more demanding, the speed of it all doesn't make it easier either.

Professional Help

Some of their schools have been burned down by protestors. Some of them know what it feels like to have teargas sprayed on them just because they'd taken part in a pro-democracy demonstration. Some of them have been shot at, some of them have been tortured by the national security forces. It has been quite an ordeal for the student body in the kingdom.

We previously pointed out the inequality in education during these times, since the 'rich kids' can afford to take part in e-learning while the underprivileged must simply remain at home when the government says so. Now we're talking about all the chaos that's been happening on the streets and how it's detrimental to the mental health of students. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think students need counseling in Swaziland? How should it be carried out? Like, comment, share, and FOLLOW FOR MORE!

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