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You Must Return These Toxic Juices ASAP| See The List Of Juices That Are Being Recalled

Several LiquiFruit beverages have been recalled owing to 'high amounts of a hazardous toxin.' A mold toxin, commonly found in rotting apples, has been identified in a variety of popular LiquiFruit products marketed by Pioneer Foods. On Thursday, the manufacturing company was obliged to issue a comprehensive recall for five different goods when it was revealed that they had extremely high quantities of the mycotoxin patulin.

A dangerously high concentration of this fungus in your body can induce severe nausea and vomiting. The business published a statement yesterday night in an attempt to assuage consumer concerns, stressing that this course of action was only a precaution:

“The health and wellbeing of our consumers is of absolute importance to us, and hence when we identified the potential of a food safety issue, after in-house standard testing and engagement with one of our local suppliers, we immediately launched an internal investigation into all our 100% apple juice products”.

People who bought the juice will be able to return these goods to the store where they were purchased and get a full refund. This new occurrence occurs just over a week after Coca-Cola SA was compelled to recall six batches of Appletiser brands owing to increased levels of mycotoxin patulin – the toxic ingredient creating a concern for our soft beverages.


Pioneer Foods has issued a recall for the following apple juice brands:

Clear Apple LiquiFruit (250ml carton) | Barcode: 60052599

Clear Apple LiquiFruit (330ml can) | Barcode: 6001240225561

Clear Apple LiquiFruit (300ml can) | Barcode: 6001240239346

Clear Apple LiquiFruit (1 litre carton) | Barcode: 6001048000339

Ceres apple juice distributed OUTSIDE OF SA has also been recalled.


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