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"Even the babies are crying, the animal is in the house." One says as people marvel at a muscle man

Staying healthy and looking fit is a good thing to do and l am pretty sure a lot of men aspire to look fit and butch. There is nothing wrong with that, but l think other guys become obsessed with their bodies looking beefed up to point where they take it too far.

One gentleman recently got heads turning in the mall as he was walking around with a tiny vest flaunting his muscles, as he walked arms opened wide people were just looking at his massive muscles.👇🏾

You can check the video through this link:

A lot of comments were shared on Twitter regarding this incident, and most tweeps were commenting on the abnormal size of the guy's muscles. One guy even questioned the idea of a muscle moving around the mall with a gun on the side.

I think the gentlemen's muscles are induced with some steroids, the danger of that though can be catastrophic.

So what happens if someone is taking steroids?

Well, that depends on what you are taking and in what doses. Testosterone enanthate for example has been tested in contraception and has been shown to be relatively save and reversible at 200 mg per week.

But if you're doing crazy higher level anabolics, no one can really say for sure. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is one thing people worry about, it can kill you.

One more thing, you might end up sterile from long term high dose steroids as any amount of exogenous steroids shut down the testicles at least temporarily. Just my two cents.

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