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Bad News For Those Who Took The Vaccine And Thought It Was Finally Over

Recently evening the Department of Health referenced that their site was going for the people who needed their computerized immunization testaments. It's exceptional for a nation to have records of who inoculated against a specific infection and who didn't. Why then, at that point, is the public authority out of nowhere presently keeping these records. If we somehow happened to request to see who got a computerized antibody endorsement against intestinal sickness, nobody would show up on the grounds that there was never such an unbelievable marvel as an advanced immunization testament. For what reason does everything of an unexpected needs to begin with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Numerous South Africans who have been inoculated were glad to hear the news that they could now have their advanced immunization authentications as opposed to going all over with the printed version. Anyway everything consistently has a catch. Indeed the advanced antibody declaration has a catch. The catch is that the antibody declaration terminates in January 2022. This implies that individuals will then, at that point, need to proceed to get their second or third punch contingent upon what brand they use. 

This is the thing that is as of now occurring in Israel. I surmise the immunization authentications aren't that incredible as individuals suspected they would be on the grounds that once the antibody declaration terminates it will not be of any utilization, I surmise society will mark you as unvaccinated. Envision entering an arena since you got inoculated and have evidence for it anyway once the antibody testament lapses you will be considered as a danger henceforth not being permitted to go into the arena. 

What society would we say we are making for ourselves? This will one day lead to a social credit framework. We can't have a minority of 'posh's residents settling on choices on how we will carry on with our lives. 

Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #VoteANC on Twitter: "Just took the antibody! #WeChooseVaccination… " 

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