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Check Out The Signs Of A Deadly Chronic Disease.

There are many things that happens to our bodies but we ignore them saying they are common. We believe that they are cause by how we bath or the clothes we wear. These black spots under armpits, neck and belly are a sign of diabetes.

Diabetes is a type of disease that the body can't respond well to insulin which will result in high blood sugar. Here will cover up symptoms that will tell you that you might be diabetic.

Early signs

1. Excessive hunger

You all of a sudden become hungry in a way that is extreme, accompanied by increased thirst and urination, it is a sign of diabetes. After eating, you will feel that you are not enough and and eager to eat more.

If you keep eating but hunger persist, consult your doctor because excessive hunger, thirst and urination are a major signs of diabetes.

2. Fatigue

This is another signs of diabetes, always feeling tired and sleepy during the day. Sometimes you night be hungry that's why you feel tired and sleepy most of the time, but what about after eating?

Fatigue can be a sign of many conditions, from high intake of sugary foods, caffeine and carb-heavy diet. When all these signs mentioned here are combined, this can be a sign of diabetes.

3. Dark spots under armpits and neck

Skin problem are often the first visible signs of diabetes, according to American Diabetes Association (ADA) type 2 diabetes can worsen the existing skin or turn it dark. Unless you are pregnant.

4. Blurred vision

Blurred vision is a very serious problem, more serious than eye problem. This happens due to shifting of fluids, which makes lens in your eyes swell and change shape. This will affect your ability to focus which will make things to be blur or fuzzy.


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