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One of the best ways to neutralize poison


Whenever you come across someone who was poisoned, do this to help the person.

Please stop rushing them to the hospital because before you get there, the person might have died off.

So learn this now and save a soul for God.

If someone eats or drinks or steps on poison, quickly grind a charcoal. If you can't find a charcoal, then make use of ashes from burnt firewood.

Then look for a little child let him or her urinate for you,then you mix it with the charcoal then filter out the water an give it to the victim to drink after drinking,

The poison will be vomited out immediately after that give that person a little palm oil or black palm kernel oil to lick.

The person will be ok immediately.

Remain blessed! Share testimony here if any of my work has worked wonderful for you.

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