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" My son died after taking a covid 19 vaccine. This is how he looked before his death"-Lady cries

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of people. Covid 19 has also killed millions of people around the world. When the vaccine was introduced, people rushed to be vaccinated. Amongst them was WolzetIlze's son. The 22 year old took a jab and things changed drastically. He died 6 weeks later. His mom says he was healthy before the vaccine. She says before his death, he looked like a cancer patient. He was too skinny.

" My son, 22, died o the 24.2.22. 6 weeks after his 1st J&J vaccine. The day after the shot his nose started running and he did not feel well. He had episodes of vomiting and the 13.2.22 was his last 'healthy' day. His health deteroiated very very fast his last weeks. He went to the Dr where they treated him for a stomach ulcer first. He was vomiting the whole time and severly dehydrated with severe stomach pain. I took him back to another Doctor. He had a stomach xray and they confirmed there's no movement in his bowl. He could not sleep since he got the vaccine, his brain did not switch off and he felt strange. We are still waiting for the pathology report as all organs was sent for hystology." Shd said.

"I am so sorry for your loss. I sent this thread to my own son, who is 19. He's been forced already to take two Pfizer shots and a booster, just to stay enrolled at his university." Said @Mermaid. 


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