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The Following Doesn't Mean You Are HIV Positive

Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? People always make a mistake of thinking that a person is sick just because of how he or she looks. The following doesn't mean you are HIV positive. 

Maybe you have gotten tired of reading about HIV and AIDS but we have to keep on educating people until everyone understands what HIV is and how it affects people. Please bear with me as I try to explain everything in details. 

Firstly, you have to know that how a person looks doesn't mean he or she has HIV. Loosing weight shouldn't be associated with HIV/AIDS. Research has shown that people with an advanced HIV disease or low CD4 count actually gain more weight after starting treatment. 

Having said the above, a person may look fit and healthy only to find out that he or she is HIV positive. Never assume that a certain person has HIV just because of his or her physical appearance, looks can be deceiving. 

Having a lot of rash also doesn't mean that you have acquired HIV or AIDS, there are many things that can lead to skin irritation or rash. Please stop spreading false information about people, don't make accusations that you can't prove. 

Knowing that a person has been involved with someone who is HIV positive doesn't necessarily mean that that person has also been infected. Do research about something before you talk about it to other people. 

Even if you know a person's HIV status, disclosing it to other people is wrong. People still get discriminated against just because of their HIV status, it is a person's choice to disclose his or her status to people. 

People should also understand that there are many diseases that can make a person sick and lose weight. Weight loss, skin rash and sore throat don't mean you are HIV positive, these could be symptoms for something else.

I do understand that some people may find the article sensitive, the aim was not to offend people who are living with HIV but to educate those that know little about it. 

Enkoy the rest of your day.

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