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"Doctors couldn't believe that they witnessed, I was a good as dead" _ woman shares

Every person you meet in this world has a story to tell, a story about their individual life journey and the challenges that comes with it. Our stories are the reason we are who we are, they shape and mould us into the people we are today and people we are supposed to become in the future.

Sometimes life gets hard and one tends to feel like their are the only one who is going through tough situations, the truth is everyone is going through something or challenge in life, that is what life is about.

A young woman shared how she survived what doctors believe people don't survive, @Ndu_mii wrote : "Here's my story" on her timeline, and detailed her story.

It reads:

"On the 27th of aug 2021 I felt sick throwing up uncontrollably, l then went to see a doctor so I could get medical assistance and all they did was treat my vomiting. I was then discharged from the hospital, just when I thought the worst is over I couldn't eat anything all I ever did was throw up uncontrollably I went to another GP and she then told me that I have a bladder infection, medication was prescribed but nothing was getting better instead I began to experience excruciating abdominal pain which were so unbearable, fast forward to the 1st of September and I had to be rushed in for an emergency operation to remove my appendix.

Doctors who performed this surgery had to remove 600m pus and they couldn't believe what they witnessed because I was as good as dead. I went through so much pain and it brings me so much joy to be able to tell my story to you. This is what I call my miracle scar. I could never habe imagined to have such a huge scar but it has changed my perspective on so many things. I marvel at just how amazing and faithful God is and it has made me a living testimony through what I went through."

She concluded by saying that she is a conqueror, wearing her scar with pride.

A true miracle indeed.


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