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'This Is What Vaccines Did To My Cousin' Lady Shares Alarming Pictures

A South African Twitter user going by the name of Ntsiki Fanele has posted alarming pictures that left the social media space with a lot of questions than answers. She shared two pictures of her cousin who underwent a very horrific event after taking the covid-19 vaccination.

"This is my cousin who took the vaccine. She deals with something daily since she took the vaccine. She's been to doctors, took allergy medicines but nothing works,"wrote Ntsiki.

In the pictures, it could be seen that Ntsiki's cousin has swollen face and also developed some huge bruises on the things. She did not inform as to whether her cousin is experiencing any physical pains due to these bruises but it is no rocket science that it's abnormal for one's body to develop this kind of bruises unless if she/he took something they should not take.

This particular tweet was received by a lot of different emotions. While others were defending the covid-19 vaccines, others were thrilled that they were enlightened before they could take their jabs.

Ndlondlo Msibi who was in defense of the vaccines blamed this particular case as one of the 1% of people whose's bodies respond negatively to the covid-19 vaccine. He further cleared that this event should not be blamed on the vaccine but the allergy that the lady in question has against one of the ingredients of the vaccines.

What took a lot of people is the fact that Ntsiki made claims that this is not the only case that she knows regarding the downsides of taking the jab.

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