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Ladies here is an easy way to stop your menstrual periods

Periods can be stressful at times as they can mess up with one's plans for instance let's say you are planning to go for a holiday or planning to have a date with your partner, that can just ruin the mood. Another thing they do not only come but can have other symptoms such as lower abdomenal pain, headache or dizziness.

The question is what do you do when you find yourself stranded with these if you had plans?

You can take these medications :

Promosiston pills which helps your body maintain high level of progesterone and estrogen levels. By doing this your period will get delayed. You can get this pills at the pharmacy but you have to talk to a health professional first and check if you are in a good condition to take them then you'll get a prescription letter.

Oral contraceptive pills can also be used, for instance 1 pack has about 30 or 28 pills with different colors, if you do not want to see your period you must not take the red pills called placebo, you must start with another pack and continue with the previous colors.

You can use contraceptive injection such as Depo-Provera which thicken your womb mucus and stop bleeding completely.

Or you have a choice of doing hysterectomy, a process of removing your womb, meaning all your ovaries will be lost and you will not menstruate.

You can also try the following home remedies:

Exercising, it has been reported heavy exercises stop periods but it is not really known how. So if you are stressing about that date tomorrow and the robot is red try working out.

Scientists also advice to have a spoon of Apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water for 12 days prior your due date, as it is believed the acidic content in the Apple cider can help delay your periods.

You can also use lime juice which has similar properties like Apple cider.

By taking some of these home remedies you will be taking a chance as it has not really fully proven that it can work, and remember our bodies are not the same so it can work for some ladies and not work for some.


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