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What to do when you just got infected with HIV. Click for more information

Have just had sex and you are not sure if the person is HIV positive or Negative? Did just touch blood of an individual who is infected? Have you been exposed to HIV needles by mistake or you just want to protect yourself from future exposure? This article is for you.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a disease that has a lot of stigma in our communities. It continues to spread daily especially among the youth because people are not playing safe and there is a lack of information. It is assumed that when you get infected, there is no hope for you but there is and it is called Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) PEP can be taken in 72 hours of exposure. The medication works to prevent the virus from spreading in your body. Anyone can get the medication at any public health facility or private facility. A patient needs to take the medication for 4 weeks in order for the virus to be completely gone.

What if your partner is HIV positive and you want to protect yourself. Well its simple, you can get Prep, its pre-exposure medication which you have to drink daily as long as you are having unprotected sex with the individual. Taking the medication can also serve as support to your partner who also has to take his/her ARVs. Refer to your nearest medical facility for more information.

Science has made things easy for us today and people just have to be open minded and not stigmatize the virus and people who are affected by it. It is simple to get HIV but it is also simple to prevent the spread of the virus. Using protection is better than cure as always hence the youth needs to play safe even though these methods are available. Was this article helpful? Comment and share.

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