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This how WHITE MPEPHO can help you (opinion)

Lot of people only know impepho can only communicate with ancestors, many things that can be done by impepho

impepho was the first medicine that was shown to healers when they started to use medicine

Impepho is not only for ukuphahla you can use impepho, to cure a headache also do impepho tea to clean kidneys

when you suffer from exiety impepho is used, in womans health it is used for menstrual pains

There are different types of impepho, the is normal impepho that is well known, and the is impepho emhlophe

Impepho emhlophe can help you to communicate with amadlo fast, it is believed that impepho emhlophe is able to go straight to idlozi

According to sangoma when a person have spirits (imimoya), impepho emhlophe is burnt to help that person

Impepho emhlophe is normally used by traditional healers, to communicate with their ancestors, it is known as impepho for twins

Impepho emhlophe can help to clear dreams, you dream and you don't remember you dreams

It can chase away evil spirits and bad luck

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Impepho MPEPHO


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