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14 Days? Last Time They Said 21 Days And We Are Still On Day 458 Of Lockdown.

Do we really have to believe the 14 days? Last time it was 21 Days, yet We Are Still On Day 457 Of lockdown.

In order to stop the huge increase in infections, the South African government has decided we will be moving to Alert Level 4 for 14 days. The new changes will take effect from Monday, 28th June 2021.

Most economic activities will continue this means:

Citizens will be able to work if they are unable to work remotely, Retail stores will remain open, Factories, mines, farms & other businesses will continue to operate, Travel within provinces will be permitted except interprovincial travel of course considering it is not for leisure.

Travel to and from Gauteng will be restricted to essential transportation of goods, travel in Gauteng is permitted only for work, transporting goods, funerals or to return home.

Last time such an incident happened where we were told the lockdown was merely something that will only last a few days, yet it turned out to have lasted more than a year and we are still in the lockdown period.

The restrictions that have been imposed have serious consequences on the lives of ordinary citizens of this country, although the president seems to be taking drastic measures. Those are advised by the Covid-19 Committee and are not dictated by him.

Most people's lives have been affected adversely from this and that is the reason most people are not really liking our president right now, the people that have been affected are hardworking citizens of this country who rely on the day-to-day business activities.

The restrictions that have been imposed on the hospitality industry are really hard on this affected by them, they will see themselves losing their jobs because the radical change on the business hours is really cutting into people's lives because some work nightshifts and they rely km those long night hours and the sale of alcohol to be able to make some money.

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