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OPINION| Why Vaccinate Old People if They Die if Vaccinated ?

People vaccinated against COVID-19 are highly unlikely to die of the disease unless very old and already badly ill before getting it, a study in Italy showed on Wednesday ~ SABCNEWS

So now when someone dies of covid, after they're jabbed they will just they were old or had othet medical problems. That's what happen is SA, that's why we don't need vaccine as youth. We are healthy. Who said young people more likely to die than old people? So suddenly vaccine became rocket science for the ignorant masses. This vaccine is now confusing the owners, how do they say it kills those who are very old, then why vaccinate the healthy people ? Why. Can they leave us alone because the vaccine is not even 100% safe, and why do they care now while people are suffering, no food, houses, jobs etc, but they have the experimental injection to for it on people, we are tired of this vaccine

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