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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

Do these 5 exercises every morning to help rid of pains and other things

First and foremost, you must loosen up your body and start your heart pumping. Do you have an office job? Another reason to stretch first thing in the morning is to prevent injury. Working at a desk all day has a negative impact on your health and posture.


Relieves pain, stiffness, and tension.

Boost circulation and warms up your body

Improves memory and energy

Strengthen mindfulnes and reduces appetite

Kills stress

Child's pose

Kneel on the floor and touch your big toes for this pose. Depending on how your body feels, you can spread your knees or keep them close together. Bring your torso to the front, and touch the floor with your forehead. Stretch your arms forward or rest them next to your body.

Stand forward and bend

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Exhale and lean forward until your hands are parallel to the floor. It's alright to bend your knees.

Downward facing frog

Take a deep breath and bend your upper body. Step back and press your hands into the ground. Back and up, press your hips. Maintain a straight spine and a high tailbone. The stretch should be felt in the back of your legs.


Inhale and step forward with one leg while bending your knee. Straighten the second leg while placing your hands next to the foot. Raise your chest.

Warrior II

Stand and bend one knee while bringing one leg forward. Extend your other leg backwards. Make sure one arm is above each leg when you open your arms wide. Turn your head to face your bowed leg.

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