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Health benefits of ginger to the body

The use of medicinal plants is no longer restricted or confined to traditional medicine practitioners or the indigenous people, but also can be used in our modern lives to promotes good health.


Zingiber officinales Roscoe

Common Name:


Local Names:

Hausa: Cittar, Sakan zabur, Sakanjabir

Nupe: Tsutafu

Yoruba: Atale, ata-ile

Igbo: jinja


A monocot perennial plant with leaves longer broader and usually light green. A tropical plant which thrives well in humans soil.

Part Used:


Medicinal Uses:

The powdered rhizome is used externally to reduce pain. The rhizome is used for weight management and hypertension. The rhizome is used as a condiment and flavoring agent. Useful in early pregnancy nausea and vomiting. An infusion of the rhizome is taken to soothe the stomach and remove dirt's. Used for treatment of intestinal flu. Rhizome also used as vermifuge, cure for jaundice, as an eye wash and for skin diseases.


Flavonoid and Tannins

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Atale Cittar Ginger Sakan Yoruba


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