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"No Sane Parent Will Allow This Madness'' | People Outraged Over Child Vaccination Announcement

The South African authorities is currently vaccinating human beings from the ages of 18 and upward towards the Corona Virus (Covid-19), but now in step with a few new reports, the authorities is planning to begin vaccinating human beings below the age of 18.

However, according to reports, the government has made the announcement to begin vaccinating youngsters from the ages between 12 years antique and 17 years old , but a few people are actually not satisfied approximately the authorities's statement, as a few South Africans took to Twitter to share their critiques on the matter...

"No sane discern will allow this insanity. If you do, there's some thing wrong with you."

"No sane determine will chance for their child to get Covid."

"Do not take a Jab!!! Do no longer permit this insanity to take place to your youngsters"

"My child will in no way do this"

"Im just satisfied my own family has agreed that none of our children are taking this jab"

"Which method vaccines to schools. There's going to be clashes with dad and mom for positive. Forcing to vaccinate 60 000 000 human beings while there are handiest 22 000 energetic cases within the whole country.

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