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Toothache instant relieve

For people who have toothache problem and they tried everything but it's not working for you , here is a better solution and instant relieve for your toothache.

Most people have a problem with toothache and they tried different medicine and it seem not to work for them, just follow the simple steps that will relieve all your toothache pain.

First you need bow, a garlic and some salt,

You just need to crush the garlic and put a little bit of salt it on depends on how much garlic you crushed then mix it well. when it's mixed well apply it to the affect area or should I say to the affected teeth that give you sleepless nights.

Wait for few minutes and all the pain will fade away instantly after that and you will have some peaceful nights without any pains and toothache problem. It really worked for me try it , it might work for you as well.

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