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Food to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

Sometimes it's hard to lose weight but easy to gain.

Remember that we are what we eat, when you are struggling to lose weight just check the foods that you are eating or to find out what's causing the problem of not losing weight.

Oily foods and sugar has impact on the body weight, try to stop eating food that's contain lot of sugar, infact just cut off sugar for two weeks I'm very sure that you will see some progress

Make sure that before you eat drink lot of water and make sure you drink enough water everyday. Water is very good because it cleans the body.

Exercise every night before you sleep make sure you do that you will see best results,you can download fat burning apps that will guide you to exercise.

Eat three times a day don't starve yourself just eat healthy food and avoid sweet drinks more especially Coke.

Avoid negative things be positive always.

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