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TERRIBLE NEWS As A New Virus Hit Africa

Most people think that coronavirus is the worst virus that had ever existed on earth but the truth is that it isn't. 

Millions of South Africans have had COVID-19 and successfully recovered from it while there are diseases such as Ebola that have the least of recovery. 

Most people would agree that Ebola is the most dangerous pandemic in history since it is not only highly contagious but it is also fatal and more deadly than COVID-19. 

The terrible news is that a virus that is part of the same family as the Ebola virus had been identified in Africa. This virus has been identified in Guinea which is located in the West of Africa. 

It is highly fatal and it is the first case being identified in Africa. The name of this virus is called the Marburg virus. 

What's your take on the matter? Have you ever heard of this virus before? What do you know about the Marburg virus? 

Feel free to share your views below in the comment section and please do follow @Sum_Kay for more news and updates. 

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