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"Every woman's dream in a man" (See pictures)

Having muscles is trending these days there are guys out there who are willing to do anything so that they can gain the muscles. Well there are different ways to get in shape. Some people workout naturally by doing all the required exercises, other people take the short cut and drink some things that will make them develop muscles. There are pictures recently circulating on the social media showing guys with their muscles that are not so attractive .

I would advise guys not to use roids because they have a huge disadvantage. Yes they make the muscles big but not looking good at all. Here are the pictures of the guys below :

As you can see from the above picture, these guys don't look good as they are supposed to. So if you keep injecting yourself you will end up looking like these guys and no lady wants to see that, it is not attractive at all. A real man hits the gym.

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