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"I go to the gym because l need to, otherwise l would not go to that place." A cries out

A healthy lifestyle can prolong your life and make you feel good at all times that is why it is highly recommended to stay fit by exercising and hitting the gym.

That been said it's not the gym that makes one fit but rather the will power and discpline to keep working on your fitness, and one can even pull that off from the backyard of your house. I definitely concur with this young lady who recently posted this.👇🏾

I also think a lot of people go to the gym, because they like the social part of it, the group training they can do, and the variety of equipment they can use. If you are self-motivated and build the habit to do it on your own, then do an at-home workout or program. Many times people need accountability and the gym is one way to do it. However, one size does not fit all. 

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