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If Justice Mogoeng treated the HIV patients, can't we ask him to pray for our covid 19 patients?


It is reported that the new COVID-19 variant is increasing rapidly with Gauteng being the epicenter. It is also said the at least more than 75% of those hospitalized, are unvaccinated! It is further reported that we are at 300% infection rate at present. Can Reverend Kenneth Meshwe and former chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng help me find logic in this please? These people are in hospitals and not in churches by the way they need scientific intervention. Is there a possibility of of some Faith intervention to substitute the science?

You cannot also run it through lies as well there has been a lot of political activity in the country but little or no infection growth. All of a sudden there is a spike and a new variant that conveniently waited for election period to be over, the lies do not tally kindly run comparative analysis at African continent level and notice that many countries, are not keeping up with vaccines yet their statistics are low. How scientific is it that a virus could be aware of the provincial and national boundaries?

They tell everyone about the spread of variants yet the test they use only tells positive or negative on the variants, how do they know that people testing are for which variant or variants kill one another? When believers of science are posed with questions, they do not wish to answer as they refer such to scientists, which scientists? Where is the eminent evidence that answers the long standing questions? As much as the aforesaid religious leaders should answer, let those who want us vaccined also help us with answers. In the end, fairness must precede and justice must precede political decisions

It is so funny how these faith healers always heal things that are unseen or at the very least, difficult to verify. How about restoring an amputee's limb, former Chief Justice turned religious zealot? Or has there never been an amputee righteous enough in the course of recorded history to deserve such an intervention?

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