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Signs That You Are Manifesting A Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection

HPV is a virus that mostly causes growths on the mucous membranes or the skin (known as warts). It turns out that there are more than 100 types of human papillomavirus out there (HPV). There are strains that cause warts, and there are strains that can cause different types of cancers.

People who have genital HPV get cancer of the part of the uterus that connects to the cervix. Besides cancers of the anus; the male and female genital parts; as well as cancers behind the throat (called oropharyngeal), HPV infection has been linked to other types of cancers.

HPV infections are usually spread through sex or other skin-to-skin contact. It has been used to protect against the HPV strains by giving people shots that help them fight off the virus. But the most dangerous ones are those that cause cervical cancer or genital warts.


Most of the time, your body's immune system can fight off an HPV infection right before it causes warts. Warts are the most common way to tell if you have HPV. If warts were to appear, they would look different depending on what kind of HPV they had. List of warts:

People with genital warts have them. These are flat lesions with small stem-like protrusions on them (or cauliflower-like bumps). Most of the time, genital warts show up on the vulva; sometimes near the anus; or on the cervix in women, but not always.

In men, genital warts show up on the private parts of the body, or around the anus, which is where they grow. It is very rare for genital warts to cause pain or discomfort, but they may be tender and itchy.

Warts that are common are shown in this picture. Warts that are common look like rough, high bumps on both the hands and fingers. In many cases, warts aren't very noticeable. But they can be painful or be easily cut or bruised.

Plantar warts are on the bottom of your feet. Plantar warts look like hard, grainy growths on the heels or toes of your feet. They can also be found on the soles of your feet. These kinds of warts could be painful.

Flat warts, please. Like their name, flat warts are flat, but they're also a little raised. All over the body. But kids tend to get them in their face. People with beards have it more. Women mostly get it on their legs.


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