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It's Really Funny What People Did To Cover Their Mouths When they Forgot To Wear Their Masks.

Wearing masks has become mandatory it has practically become a clothing too in the this pandemic world we live in. You won't gain access to any public or government place if you are not wearing a mask, they would rather let you walk in naked wearing a mask than let you with out it.  

As much as we know we should wear masks we tend to forget, and worse case scenario we forget when we far from home and there is nobody close by selling them, that's just the worse place you can find yourself in.

Well people got plans where there's a will the is a way, this is what people did to cover their faces and gain access to a public place. They managed to prevent contracting or spreading the virus by covering themselves in unique way you've ever seen. 

Honestly they did an awesome job after all COVID-19 spreads when people breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze. Wearing a mask keeps the virus from reaching others. It also can stop the virus from reaching you. If everyone wears a mask when they're out in public, fewer people will get sick.

Another thing we should not sleep on is teaching our kids about the virus and also let them wear mask too, they are not immune to the virus. You'll find children walking around malls without a mask while their parents are wearing. It totally makes no sense, lets protect our children too from this deadly virus and let them wear masks too.

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