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When Will Covid-19 End? Experts Have Spoken And What They Said Is Very Worrying

The World Health Organisation has conducted preliminary studies to look into the probability of the end of covid-19. The results of these studies are very concerning. 

Researchers conducted a multi variate study, looking into 17 key elements that could bring an end to covid-19. These 17 key elements were derived from methods and strategies that were used to eradicate polio and small pox. 

The studies indicated there was higher probability of eradicating covid-19 than there was of eradicating polio. This is good news because polio has long being eradicated, and if there is higher probability of eradicating covid-19 than polio, then, just like polio, Covid-19 be will be eradicated, right? Well, not so fast. 

There are many challenges that pose a significant huddle to the eradication of covid-19, and all of them are non medical. 

The biggest challenge, according to the researchers, is hesitancy towards vaccination. 

Unlike previous world wide pandemics like the Spanish flu of 1918, Covid-19 came into the world during the digital age. 

Since vaccines gained hold in the 1940s, there has always been people against the idea of vaccination, but for the most part, these people didn't have a large audience. 

The age of the internet, particularly YouTube, has given them a louder vouce, and they have managed to convince a lot of people to be negative about vaccination. 

More than half the world's population, according to various polls, will not voluntarily take the vaccine. And this very fact, means eradicating covid-19, though easy and doable, may not happen anytime soon. 

The second challenge that researchers pointed out, is vaccine distribution in third world countries where corruption is the order of the day. 

As things stands, covid-19 will remain among us, at least throughout 2022 or even beyond. 

There is als a possibility that the longer the virus stays in the population, the more the chances that it will develop resistance to the vaccine, and if we ever get into that situation, we may never get out of it. 

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