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No Vaccine, No Entry has Started In South Africa

Unsurprisingly, the new restrictions enacted by the South African government have continued to astound a large proportion of the country's population. They have issued a comprehensive statement in which they state that certain individuals who are not vaccinated in South Africa may not be permitted to attend soccer stadiums to watch matches.

This is really shocking because only sporting games are exempt from the requirement to have a vaccine before to participation. The president of South Africa announced the change to level 1 about a week ago, and he made it plain that outdoor events might have as many as 2,000 people in attendance, and he made no mention of vaccinations. This rule, for some reason, was exclusively applied to sporting events. The Bafana Bafana against Ethiopia world cup qualification game will be the first match in which this "no vaccine, no entry" policy will be implemented.


The news about the epidemic has been reported all across the world, and in South Africa as a whole, and many who have been following the story can tell you that they did not see this coming. To kick off vaccination campaigns in the country, South African president Jacob Zuma stepped in front of the country's full 60 million population and declared that no one would be compelled to get immunized. As a result of their efforts to restrict people's movement through vaccination, it appears as though they are indirectly pressuring individuals to get vaccinated.


It should be evident that this is only the beginning of the no vaccine, no entrance policy that will be implemented in the future. No one expected it to happen at all, but it has become increasingly clear that it has been in the works for some time. Second, the vaccination passport will soon be implemented, and South Africans will have no choice but to get vaccinated in order to gain access to certain areas due to the restricted access they would have.

Many South Africans were under the impression that private firms would be the ones to force people to get vaccinated, only to discover that the government is the one who is enforcing the no vaccine, no admission policy first, ahead of everyone else. This demonstrates that it is setting the standard for every other private enterprise and making it clear that it is acceptable to discriminate against South Africans who have not been vaccinated.

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