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Cure Written In The Bible: This Powerful 3.500-Year-Old Recipe Cures All Diseases

The use of olive leaf tea can help in healing from pneumonia, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, flu, meningitis, hepatitis B, herpes, hepatitis B and many more thanks to the most important compound oleuropein. 

The olive tree is mentioned more than a thousand times in the Bible. Although today the most popular fruit of that tree is the olive itself, What most people don’t know is that the olive tree has extremely healing leaves that hide numerous healing properties, and the most important compound in the olive leaf is oleuropein, which has extremely strong antibacterial properties.

Olive leaf improves the health condition in a large number of diseases caused by microbes. It also helps with flu, meningitis, hepatitis B, pneumonia, gonorrhea and herpes. It also helps with surgical and urinary tract infections. Olive leaves prevent infections caused by fungi.

The use of olive leaf tea can help cure these diseases: pneumonia, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, influenza, meningitis, hepatitis B, herpes, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, meningitis, botulism, malaria, stomach ulcers, diphtheria and urinary tract infections. encephalitis.

Consumption of olive leaves helps to restore the overall immunity, but also serves to restore energy in the tormented organism. Olive leaves are extremely medicinal because they have antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antifungal effects through which it is possible to completely overcome a large number of diseases. This tea should be consumed after chemotherapy or when you are stressed and panicked and you want to relax. 

Tea recipe:

For a cup of tea of ​​2-3 dcl, 15-20 dried olive leaves are needed. Put the leaves in the boiled water and cook them for another 2-3 minutes. Leave the leaves in the water for another 10 minutes and take them out. You can drink cold and hot with honey, lemon or without anything according to your preferences . This Tea is great for everyone and should be drunk every day to feel the improvements for various diseases. 

I recommend you guys to drink tea preventively in order to prevent these diseases. Tea leaves are best picked in the spring when the leaves are young, washed and air-dried. Store in a closed container protected from sunlight.


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