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Things You Probably Didn't Know Were Invented By Muslims

1. Hospital

Modern hospitals, complete with wards and teaching facilities, date all the way back to Egypt in the ninth century BCE. The 'Abbasid governor of Egypt, Ahmad ibn Tulun, constructed Egypt's first hospital in the southwest section of modern-day Cairo in 872. For the first time, there's solid proof that mental health services were offered in the area.

1. University

It was Fatima Al-Fihriya, in 895 CE, in Fez, Morocco, who established the first university in history.

Al-Qarawiyyin University is the world's oldest running university, dating back to the time before the first European universities were established. These records have been set by organizations like UNESCO and Guinness. The year al-Qarawiyyin was founded as a mosque is used as a point of reference, implying that the mosque's educational nature dates back to its inception.

3. First flying machine

In the 9th century, Muslim scientist Abbas ibn Firnas in Cordoba, Spain, made the first serious attempt to build and fly a flying contraption. He learned to fly by observing and studying birds.

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