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Omnicrom is currently trending in mzansi

30 days earlier there was no omnicrom. The whole country saw 250 cases a day. Now its 4000+, soon to be 20k +.It was there but not flagged yet.

Do you think it was detected the day it was reported by SA.Plus who said everyone who's covid 19+ right now is having omicron variant?.

why would any take the risk in anycase ? whether there is a new variant or not.

30 days earlier there was Covid but government officials chose to ignore protocol for votes, which could trigger mutations. Get it.

How do you know not a single person tested positive? Are you in touch with every single person who attended and do you have access to their medical data? Asking for a friend.

There is an expectational amount of medical data available worldwide... Having ostrich mentality and burying your head in the sand pretending something doesn't exist, doesn't make it not exist...

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